Lunchtime Lobs: Monday, July 7

Here are your latest updates on the Clippers’ free agency and the Donald Sterling situation:


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Lunchtime Lobs: Wednesday, June 5

The offseason is really heating up in the NBA with the ongoing coaching carousel, draft speculation and the impending free agency period. Here are your five daily reads to give you a taste of all that’s going on.


Lunchtime Lobs: Friday, June 20

Sorry for the hiatus, but Lob City Blog is back just in time to help you waste away your final afternoon of the work week.

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Does Redick Deserve No-Defense Team Nomination?

As mentioned in the morning’s Lunchtime Lobs, Tim Kawakami released a 2014 NBA No-Defense team today. The first team included Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Eric Gordon, J.J. Hickson and Andrea Bargnani. It’s hard to argue with those picks, as this five-man squad might give up 150 points per game. But at honorable mention was Clippers shooting guard J.J. Redick.

He’s no Tony Allen, but is Redick really the third-worst shooting guard in the NBA defensively? Kawakami certainly thinks so:

[Redick] and Jamal Crawford on the same team. That’s like a No-Defense Hall of Fame meeting, right there. But Doc Rivers is such a good coach that he got the most out of them offensively and figured out how to hide them both on defense.

The Clippers had the No. 8 defense this season, allowing 102.1 points per 100 possessions. When Redick was on the floor they were worse, allowing 104.5 points. That’s only .6 points worse than Matt Barnes’ defensive rating, and he’s thought of as a pretty solid defender.

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Lob City Mailbag: June 9

The Donald Sterling situation continues to play out even into the NBA Finals. The Clippers were done playing weeks ago, but that just means it’s time to talk about the offseason and speculate on their future. For future mailbags, send questions by email to or via Twitter to @lob_city_blog.


Is there any scenario where the Clippers should consider trading Blake Griffin or Chris Paul? – Joe B.

Chris Paul is the top point guard in the NBA. Blake Griffin finished third in MVP voting this season and is just 25 years old. The Clippers are serious championship contenders as is, and few players in the league would be an upgrade over either player.

Also, the Clippers have a very solid center in DeAndre Jordan, and no NBA center is dominant enough to justify trading Griffin or Paul. They could upgrade at shooting guard, but J.J. Redick is a solid player and shooting guard is the NBA’s weakest position. Realistically, small forward is the only position where the Clippers could make a major improvement.

That happens to be the position the two top NBA players play.

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Offseason Report Card: Jared Dudley

Jared Dudley

2013-14 Salary: $4.25 million | Age: 28 | Role: Starting small forward (first half of season)

Season Stats: 43.8 FG%, 36.0 3P%, 6.9 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 1.4 APG


Season Review

Prior to the 2013-14 season, the Clippers were part of a three-team trade that netted them shooting guard J.J. Redick and small forward Jared Dudley for combo guard Eric Bledsoe and a second-round pick. Although Bledsoe was a valuable young player, most analysts looked favorably on the move for the Clippers. ESPN’s Kevin Pelton (subscription required) gave them an A- grade immediately afterwards:

Dudley and Redick are ideal role players because they are dangerous from beyond the arc and know their limitations. Both players are efficient scorers who will benefit from Paul’s ability to set them up. And they come at reasonable rates. Dudley, who will make $4.25 million the next two seasons before he has the ability to opt out, has one of the NBA’s better non-rookie contracts.

Dudley started the season at small forward for the Clippers despite battling tendonitis in his right knee. He struggled with his shot too often—he scored 15 or more points just six times all season—and was eventually moved to the bench in favor of Matt Barnes. The Clippers even tried to move him at the trade deadline, just months after acquiring him.

In the playoffs his role continued to decline, and he saw even less time on the court. Despite his reputation as a solid defender, he could do nothing against Kevin Durant, and the Clippers lost in six games in the second round.

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Lunchtime Lobs: Monday, June 9

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